Saved Time

The American Dental Association estimates that dentists waste an average of 12 hours per month trying to sort through the deluge of data available.  Sentius does the sorting for you and provides you with only the most relevant information for your practice.

Our monthly reports can be reviewed and understood in 30 minutes or less, giving you the power to take immediate action!



Enough with the charts, graphs, and tables of data!  With Sentius you will receive a monthly, consolidated report of the key items you are interested in plus additional insights provided by our expert business and healthcare analysts.  One of our key initiatives is to simplify business insights to actionable “bites.”  When you want to dig deeper into a metric or insight, you can access Sentius online to dive as deeply as your heart desires.

Insights with Impact

Our expert analysts are constantly digging through data to mine for the most valuable nuggets of information to provide the deepest impact on your practice.  With Sentius, we strive to remove the clutter of unnecessary data and information to provide you with the clear, and meaningful insights that will most benefit you, your practice, and your patients.

Access Anywhere

We understand how difficult it can be to plan ahead for those few quiet moments when you can truly focus on your business.  Our cloud-based service is compatible with all of the major internet-capable devices to ensure that when the moment presents itself, we are there and ready without delay!

Your Advantage

Competitive Insights

It is becoming increasingly difficult to compete as an individual practice.  With Sentius, you will have regular insights delivered right to your inbox to provide you with an ongoing, competitive edge.  Sentius provides insights in these key business areas:

  1. Financial
  2. Marketing / Demographics
  3. Operations

Geographic Benchmarking

Have you ever wondered how other practitioners in your area are doing?  Sentius provides local benchmarking for practitioners in your industry and area.  This benchmarking can provide you with important knowledge of where you stand and provides leverage when negotiating rates with carriers.

Financial Forecasting

With our most advanced service offering, Sentius can provide you with the ability to forecast essential financial metrics.  This allows you the ability to understand not only where your practice is now, but where your cashflow is headed tomorrow, and beyond!

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